Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Unravelling of Shiva Ayyadurai

Nanopolitan writes of the Vinod Scaria's disclosure on Nature Network on the Shiva Ayaydurai episode. This is the first time, any CSIR scientists has come up in Open against Shiva.

excerpts from the Blog
Vinod Scaria has started a forum discussion thread on Ayyadurai at the Nature India website. Scaria is a scientist at IGIB (a CSIR lab), New Delhi; in his post, he says quite a few things that shatter Ayyadurai's self-portrait as a professional who -- before he gave up, or, was fired -- fought against immense odds for 'freedom for science' at CSIR.
Nanopolitan also verifies the logo which has now suddenly changed to Nature India

For the stray reader here is what it looks like now !!


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  2. Sure. All snake oil merchants are welcome, as long as you can bullshit and hand around with some random bashing one here and one there.