Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Blogger on Nature's One sided story

Note Dec 07/2009. We agree with Rahul on his comment. We have modified the Blog accordingly . Apologies on stating what you did not.

E's flat writes a Blog trivialising the Shiva Ayyadurai episode and pointing fingers at the Nature.

Nature seems to be having a vested interest in propagating the Shiva version of the story.This is in perfectly in sync with what Insider has been talking for quite some time now and the rising allegations against Nature, Nature India's editor and Nature correspondent.

Excerpts from the Blog seems Nature is intent on promoting Shiva Ayyadurai's version of the story and will brook no dissent
Also, from this post (see comment), it seems that the Nature editors (in London, not India) objected to personal accusations made in those and other posts. I wonder, then, why they agreed not only to publish, but to highlight, accusations made by Shiva Ayyadurai in his article (which continues, as I write, to be frontpaged in the Nature India website) -- accusations which include fraud, financial wrongdoing, and arson to cover up the wrongdoing.
Is Nature listening ?

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