Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scientist writes Open Letter against Unethical practices by Deepak Sardana and Shiva Ayyadurai

Today, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Microbial Technology and Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardee, Dr GPS Raghava wrote an open mail to Deepak Sardana on the regular SPAM mails sent out by a group of people who call themselves "Freedom for Science"

The entire letter is reproduced below:

Disturbing all scientist

I am one of senior scientist working in CSIR, I am getting continuos email from Deepak Sardana on behalf of Shiva. They never take my permission to enter my name in their mailing list, they have taken granted to send emails to CSIR scientists without taking their permission. This is against internet ethics, one can not advertise their propaganda via mailing list, without consent. I just ignore their previous emails because, I have lot of work to do. Today, I again got email with above content so I decided to respond as they are abusing CSIR system and intruding my privacy. Following is my response to above report

Dear Deepak
First place I am not convinced why CSIR hire you peoples. For me only reason for hiring Shiva was his experience in business. As far as science is concerned he is not even equivalent to good PhD student of India. My PhD student have better record of publication than Shiva. He is writing report he is a great scientist and know better than all CSIR scientists of India. I read report, it is nothing just obvious things, we all know weakness of CSIR system, it have number of reasons including poor salary of indian scientist in compare to their counter part in foreign country. The challenge is how to improve the system in given environment. Your duty was to improve system and improve it slowly using "leading by examples" instead of that you people started campaign against CSIR in order to defame it. If you read Shiva article in nature it is a childish report, their is no good idea except to abuse CSIR. One side you are abusing a system other side you expect that system will not fire you. Firing from job was obvious and you are expecting explanation from system. You people have no self respect, shiva should vacate his house immediately once he got fired from job. Instead he is abusing CSIR and wants to use facilities of CSIR, "What a shameless expectations". In world no univ/system/organization will allow a person to destroy the system itself where he/she is working. Why you expect CSIR should provide all facilities even your jobs were terminated. I think CSIR take right decision to remove you people, it is in favor of a system to remove a person as early as possible, who is destroying image of system.

Hire and fire is common all over the world but no body make political issue, if you people are not suitable for CSIR, why CSIR should keep you. One side you are claiming that you come to india to serve india other side you are crying like a frustrated struggler. You are expecting that CSIR scientist or DG CSIR should respond to Shiva queries in order to make him important. Regarding public debate see various blogs and debates and you will realize how great Shiva is, he is making wrong claims, changing his CV, boosting his contribution, including creation of confusing web pages .
No good scientist in world will support him, who understand science, as his contribution to science is negligible. You should understand he is on road after taking 4 degrees from MIT and in age of 45 years without making any significant contribution. I will advise you people to concentrate on your business and demonstrate your skill by doing something grate in western countries and prove your leadership skill. In life best way to lead public is by examples. Please forgive me if I am too rude, I write whatever I feel, these are my personal views.

With best wishes


# Dr G P S Raghava (FASc, FNASc), Head Bioinformatics Centre #
# Institute of Microbial Technology, Sector-39A, Chandigarh, India #
# Phone: +91-172-2690557, Fax: +91-172-2690632 #
# Eadd: #

Footnote #1:
The Freedom for Science Blog claims to have 4000 subscribers to its newsletter and hope by now we all know how they add subscribers.

Footnote #2:
It is no wonder that Sardhana cannot even spell DG CSIR's last name properly. Talks a lot of professionalism !!

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