Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nature India's high handedness in Shiva Ayyadurai the center of discussions

Bloggers at Nanopolitan, and elsewhere have taken it up seriously, and there have been serious exchange of words in the comments section of the Blog.

While everybody seems to agree (even the Shiva Ayyadurai supporting Blog Freedom of Science) alleges a high-handednesss shown by Nature in gagging free speech, unforthcoming of an organisation like Nature. The allegations of sudden blackouts on the Blogs without any warning seems to be unpardonable in light of Bloggers alleging Nature India editor's active role in the entire scam.

For new readers, even after the entire bunch of journos smashed him left and right at the very press meeting Shiva Ayyadurai organised in Delhi (his colleague Deepak Sardana was a mute spectator of the entire event), Natur India editor has taken it up seriously and started a new wave of angered posts on the Blogosphere against Shiva Ayyadurai and the Nature India Editor.

It also led to new allegations by other Scientisst abroad like Dr Swapan Kumar Das who alleged his blog was taken off without appropriate reason from the Nature comments sometime back. This blogger had been witness to this and his allegations.

Some bloggers on Nanopolitan even alleged that Nature India is playing pawn to teh CIA and its cronies, and there have been talks of demonstrations and protests against Nature and multinational companies who have been tarnishing Indian Science and Scientists.

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