Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shiva Ayyadurai Expose #2

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Shiva Ayyadurai Exposed

Sridhar Sivasubbu

Saturday, 05 Dec 2009 18:30 UTC

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My name is Sridhar and I am a Scientist at CSIR. I think it is time people know who true Shiva Ayyadurai is and what he attempted to do at CSIR.

I first met him to explore the possibility of setting up of a start-up company under CSIR Tech. During this meeting, Shiva introduced himself as an expert in Systems Biology, however from the onset it was clear he had no clue of basic biological concepts (basic text book knowledge) that I was discussing. Couple of days later I got a call from him requesting for an immediate meeting. During this meeting his sole objective was to impress me to walk away from CSIR Tech and start a joint company with him and his VCs. This was completely unexpected from the so-called “Head of CSIR Tech”. I immediately brought this to the notice of my superior, who told me to play along with Shiva to see how far he goes. Therefore to lure him further into the trap and to get him interested in the company, we even set up decoy website of the proposed company. When he saw the proposed company website, he threw up a tantrum and finally suggested that the new start up company should start functioning immediately as a subsidiary of his already existing company at Chennai, India. For his help he wanted 30 percent personal stake in the new start-up.

Shiva had no clue that he had been exposed way before he could circulate his infamous report. Since then I have spoken to multiple scientist who have been in touch with him within CSIR and most have had a similar experience with him. He has been offering his private services (the so called experience of having run something like nine start-up companies in USA) to launch start up companies outside of CSIR Tech. This speaks volumes about who Shiva truly is and why he was shown the door out of CSIR.

Once he knew he had been exposed, in a last bid effort he circulated his hurriedly prepared report to gain a popular support of scientist within CSIR. He was hoping that several thousand scientists at CSIR would blindly follow him in his mutiny. Alas that did not happen!!

All his hype of returning to India to help Indian Science is pure bull****. He wanted to make some quick money by exploiting CSIR knowledge, however was caught red handed before he could do any serious damage.

I request more CSIR Scientist to come forward and share their experience with Shiva.


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