Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Free Lunches at Freedom for Science

If you thought "Freedom for Science" really meant what they said, you must be mistaken. The mouthpiece of the Shiva Ayyadurai team, today shamelessly deleted posts that were not in favour. The posts later appeared in Nanopolitan, another blog discussing the revelations by two CSIR scientists against Shiva Ayyadurai .

It is not a surprise that the so called "Freedom of Science" Blog is nothing but a farce and the intention is nothing but tarnish the image of Indian Scientists and CSIR Director General, Prof Samir Brahmachari in particular. This was a covert attempt to guard their backs while Shiva escapes the scrutiny of public for his misdeeds during his tenure as the CSIR tech head. Now that two named Scientists have come up against Shiva out in open, followed by the gag on the post by Nature India editors, it seems quite evident that there are many more players, probably also including the Nature India Editor in this entire scam.

Here is one of the Comment that got removed. Obvious that it pinched his "friends" in creating the entire drama.

Anonymous@Sunday, December 06, 2009 9:47:00 PM
Here is one of the comments that was removed from Freedom for science (Blog supporting Shiva):

The original blog at freedom for Science called for comments and support from Dr. Swapan Kumar Das. Here is what Dr. Das has to say on the Nature India episode as it appears in

Now that the entire Ayyadurai Expose and V Patel commentary in nature Network has suddenly disappeared, it raises some interesting questions on the stand of Nature on this.

1) Is Nature India Editor hand-in glove with Shiva Ayyadurai and promoting this entire scam ? What is the incentive and what is the game-plan ?

2) Why is Nature India giving so much coverage and promotion, and selectively blacking out "real" facts from public. Is this what Nature India calls "professionalism" or "journalism" ?

3) What are the conditions in which an unsubstantiated and personal version of the story find its way to the Nature India website, and why are commentaries who tell the other side of the story summarily rejected ?
4)What is Nature Correspondent Jayaraman's stand on the Shiva Ayyadurai episode ? Now that Jayaraman has little words to write on anything significant in Indian Science, probably he should give way for somebody younger.

It seems that the whole plan of asking Dr. Swapan Kumar Das for support has back fired for Shiva.
This comment appeared for over an hour on the Freedom for science blog site before it was removed. Removal of this comment from the Freedom for Scinece Blog demonstrates the degree of transparency adopted by people who preach such things. Good try guys!!

This also substantiates what we blogged in our earlier posts. There is an intricate link between the Shiva Ayyadurai team and editors of Nature India. we are waiting for more details of this entire "conspiracy"

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