Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blog "Mysteriously" Disappears, says Freedom of Science

Freedom of Science Blog today says their Blog in Nature Network forum which had unverified statements on the recent Shiva Ayyadurai episode has mysteriously vanished.
A blog entitled "CSIR Leadership Exposed in Nature Article" has mysteriously disappeared.  This Blog was the leading one on the Nature India Forum with many comments as a follow up to Dr. Ayyadurai's article entitled "Innovation Demands Freedom" in Nature India.  
The paranoia surrounding the Shiva Ayyadurai expose is so palpable that even the disappearance of the Blog was attributed back to "cronies" in CSIR . The Blog even goes to the extend to say

The History of Brahmachari and his protege's and coterie staying up day and nite to make up lies is well know.
Lost some sleep eh ?

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