Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shiva Ayyadurai Expose #1

Shiva Ayyadurai in CSIR

Vinod Scaria

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Saturday, 05 Dec 2009 12:16 UTC

I think it is now time to break the silence, and come out with the real facts on Shiva Ayyadurai and my personal experiences with him. I am not particularly amused by the one-sided story he has managed to publish in Nature India Given the personality of this person, I cannot expect anything else.

I have met Shiva on multiple occasions in IGIB and in CSIR as the person heading CSIR Tech Programme, with some of my colleagues.

From day one, Shiva seemed to have no special interest in doing anything through CSIR Tech, but had always been trying to say it would be a really roundabout way to do it through CSIR Tech. Initially I found this quite funny (as he was the very person who was supposed to bring things straight !!), till we met him in CSIR office.

We had a prior appointment fixed with him, and were in office in time, but Shiva was never to be found. After waiting for almost half an hour, we rang him up. His response was rude, and instead of apologizing on the issue feigned ignorance on the entire appointment. He turned up later in the day, almost after a couple of hours and took us to his office.Even during this entire meeting, he had been constantly irritating us by talking on the phone, and he abruptly called off the meeting saying he had a call from his wife (speaks in volumes of professionalism and business etiquette)

In office he unveiled his entire gameplan, where he said he wanted almost 15% or more of stakes of any startup company as the person who brought in the business, and also offered us to start it outside CSIR -Tech through his Chennai based Millenium Productions, who would manage the entire operations underground. We just freaked out, as in our entire tenure in CSIR, both myself nor my colleague have come across an individual, occupying a senior position who had the guts or intention to do this in a government office (speaks lot of the ethics he carries) .He was so bombastic about his skills in running companies and he was competent to run the company. We felt this was a complete dereliction of duty as the head CSIR-Tech and also informed appropriate officials on this.

A few weeks later, he called up and asked about our opinion on his proposal which we blankly refused to honour. He started blaberring about knowhow in running companies and how somebody could not argue with him on how to run companies (read his “openness” to dissenting voices). In the conversation, he even advised me to stop working for OSDD as he felt it was a scam (probably not knowing what is OSDD and what it stands for. For the un-initiated, you could see what MIT, Shiva’s home institute have to say about it here ). Even after several polite requests to stop straying into things that were not part of his business, he had no intention to let go, including blaberring baseless allegations that he raised in the Nature India article. I lost cool and had to tell him to just shut up and mind his business.

In my experience Shiva Ayyadurai is one of the worst kind of Individuals I have ever met. He was completely paranoid with his ideas and had no intention or patience to listen to others’ views (which is primarily the allegation he raises against the current DG). He is a fraud by choice and an insincere person who cares for just money and nothing else ( I am not amused to find a Nature Biotechnology in his CV with the word “submitted” in small type and his claim to have written a commentary in Nature , while it is nothing but a Blog in nature India.see it for yourself here . The homepage even features a PDF with a complete logo). A casual search also reveals his so called “International Center for Integrative Systems” is nothing other than a website hosted at Chennai which also incidentally hosts Millenium Productions.

I am writing this with my complete name, and I am not afraid of telling the truth, and I know of many who have similar stories to say about this guy. I wish to see more people come up with their versions of their interaction with Shiva.

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