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Comments on the Shiva Ayyadurai Expose on Nature Network

  • This is interesting
    It seems Brahmachari took the right decision to sack Shiva.
    If you would like to see the series of frauds being unravelled, you should probably see this

  • I have been following the story , both at Nanopolitan , Nature and at HT. Looking back and putting all the connections and reading with this allegation that has come up against Shiva, there are a few points one can make

    Shiva is a complete fraud and has no ulterior motive other than cheating and making money. He does not give a damn about India or its people, and rakes this issue just to gain a bit of popularity. All his blah blah about professionalism is crap.

    Shiva has a fantastic history of selling “snake oil”, “paper companies” and atrocious “reports”. Anybody who could go through the CSIR tech report would readily agree on this.

    His website has come up with a new redisgn. All but new crap . You can go through the very future of self-propaganda, the MIT brand of it. the earlier site featured a dancing Shiva turning Shiva Ayyadurai. What else do you need to judge the person ?

    He is good at Photoshop. Can convert an innoculous blog in Nature India to a “Commentary in Nature” !! Fantastic skills, I should say

    Now that he has gone to Boston, can take a dig here and there, as he has no other job to do (what elase can you do with failed companies). He claims to be the Director of a Center which is nothing but on “paper”. He incidentally also owns interesting domains like and what not ?

  • Anony 1 raises some obvious questions, on Jayaraman, the Nature correspondent in India. Jayaraman never (never ever is probably the right word to say) writes anything good about Indian science. The only thing he writes is to take a dig here and there at people whom he does not like. looking back on his commentaries for the last few years, you need not need advanced statistics to prove what I am trying to say. I think Indian scientists have done some marvellous work in the last few years, including sending a spacecraft to moon.

    When are you retiring Mr Jayaraman ?

  • I have been a student at CSIR, and I have been proud to say so. Many Institutes in CSIR are world class and pruduce World class research. Some of them include CCMB, and IGIB, just to name a few. I agree that there are many institutes that do virtually nothing, but thats true for lot of Universities and laboratories abroad. Ayadurai himself is an example how an Indian can virtually do nothing substantial even after spending close to a couple of decades in US and attending prestigious institutes like MIT. All he can claim of is a little known mail company and a fantastic, some call it bombastic website When these people lose their money in US, come back to india in the pretext of serving indians, while the fact is that they have nothing in mind other than $$. All these guys gang up and start india bashing, and I was surprised as a postdoc, in US that the real guys who do all this india bashing are frustrated indian postdocs who have not performed anything significant, or just came here for money. they have no love or dedication to their home country. the bashing is just a way to went out their frustrations.

  • I agree with Anony 5 I know Prof Brahmachari and he is a great thinker. I have seen him in IGIB spending enormous time with students and fellow faculty trying to do things that were branded impossible by others. I have also seen him succesfully transform CBT a godforsaken institute to what today people known as IGIB. The only wrong thing he did was probably to trust Shiva and help him.

  • From Nanopolitan , the hub of Ayyadurai debate
    “I have only one comment: Ayyadurai may have a “fistful of American degrees,” but his tenure at CSIR was a disaster. For someone who was hand-picked by the top honcho, he had every opportunity to make his job a success — but he botched it. As Timmons’ story reveals, “Within weeks, he and his boss were at loggerheads.” [See also Ayyaduraii’s report — with its ‘Dedication’, the stuff in Chapter 7, the stupid ‘historical time-line’ in Chapter 1. If that damned thing is not unprofessional, I have to wonder what is…]"

  • I agree with Anonymous 7 Nanopolitan tells the fact
    “When outsiders fail in their jobs, it’s natural for some of them to blame the environment, the ‘inefficient’ and ‘unprofessional’ culture of the natives. Timmons has been rather uncritical in peddling the stereotypes mouthed by those who failed in their jobs, fled, and now use martyrdom as a mask.”

  • Nanopolitan verifies the Shiva Ayyadurai Fraud on the Nature article and the Resume prominently featuring the misguiding “Nature” commentary. see post

  • Seems a bunch of guys have gotten around to collect interesting quips on the SHiva Ayyadurai episode. They call themselves the Shiva Ayyadurai Fan Club It seems the guys have live updates on whats happening around.

  • I know Mr. Vinod, an employee IGIB and protege of Mr. Brahamachari isone of the key architects of OSDD and its beneficiary - he prides himself on the number of registrants, the basis for justifying the nearly $40 Million OSDD has received. Deflecting the real issues by making allegations on Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is something he has learned well from Brahmachari.

    How are we going to believe YOUR story?

    This too will come out in an inquiry. Your posturing of your “coming out of silence” seemingly to give us facts is hollow - another Brahmachari standard of faking sincerity.

    As I understand, it is known that you and your cohort Mr. Sridhar at IGIB were starting your OWN company for DNA annotation and wanted to convince Dr. Ayyadurai to support it? Is there not a message that you received in which Dr. Ayyadurai told you that the Joint Secretary of CSIR would have to review the legality of your approach? Let us bring that out in the Public Inquiry that Dr. Ayyadurai has requested.

    In fact, is it not true that a few others at IGIB, including VERY sr. personnel, decided to go do their own companies without CSIR involvement, in spite of Dr. Ayyadurai’s request for opennes and transparency to make it aware to CSIR. In fact, I’ve seen e-mail’s between Dr. Ayyadurai and others on this matter - if you want to pursue this, it will expose SR. Level personnel at IGIB.

    The reality is that CSIR-TECH would have forced compliance and people like you and others didn’t want that - you would rather simply steal government property and start your own firms.

    The important issue here is let us review all the evidence, papers, etc. in the light of day with TV, cameras, web, etc. Nearly all of us know the tactics of Brahamahari in making allegations - Dr. Ayyadurai’s predecessor Yogeshwar Rao was demolished by stating that he was out of integrity and wanted to get a Board seat on a Company - the reality was that Yogeshwar opposed Brahmachari’s model to start CSIR-TECH. Is there not an E-Mail by Yogsherwar Rao which cleary shows evidence of this?

    CSIR-TECH document posted on website has provided evidence - in full view of the day.

    I checked link provided by you that directs me to Dr. Ayyadurai’s resume. What is wrong if he has said that he has written a Commentary? Indeed he has written a Commentary that came out in Nature (and YOU have read it). A Commentary is a PUBLISHED ARTICLE that ONLY NATURE can request and approve——it is NOT A BLOG, do you know what a BLOG is?

    The ONLY Blog you are referring in the Nature Forum, is the ONE I STARTED.

    Yes, you have managed to PUBLICIZE OSDD very well. You have also got that in Technology Review. And so have DG managed to get good media coverage for his other projects like Soleckshaw, CSIR University, etc. No body is denying this great PR skills of DG!! In fact this is exactly what the article by Dr. Ayyadurai says, that is these things are outcome of good publicity — not any innovation or real engineering. And if there is any tangible and promised outcome to these then an “independent inquiry” will bring that out in public.

    WHY SHY AWAY FROM THE OPEN FORUM MODEL that Dr. Ayyadurai has been asking for? Why can DG not accept it and stop using his protege’s like you to cover up his tracks with distractions?

  • Hello V Patel, also known as VA Shiva, What have you to tell about the fraud ? Whya re you detracting attention from the points raised by Vinod ?

  • Dear Patel, if you have the documents, why don’t you go ahead with the expose ? Why are you throwing stones from behind the wall. CSIR scientists would want to know who were all behind this. If you really mind your words, we would want you to put up the communications online. right here. No shadow war and allegations please

  • Shiva hypocrisy again. If you ahve something, what is it that is preventing you from exposing what you have ? Now taht CSIR scientists have come out in Open,exposing Shiva, and a clear Fraud he committed, also verified by others, what is it that Shiva has to say ? Well who are you, are you Shiva yourself as stated by Anony 13 or one of his PR cronies ? Do you want to say everybody else is stupid, including people who publish echnology review ? probably the next you would say is your poor PhD supervisor is stupid. We are ready to hear it Shiva. you have gone nuts . If you tell us where you are in Boston, we could call up a Psychiatrist.

  • This is a free world of blogospehere. Any one can write anything behind anonymity. However most of these comments are without any solid factual documents and based mostly on verbal or imaginary communications. One by Vinod Scaria, the IGIB faculty is of similar type; his entire narrative is based solely on some verbal communications. Where is the solid document to support his claims against Shiva Ayyadurai?

    Vinod Scaria is a medical doctor by training with Bachelors degree in medicine (MBBS) from Calicut. He have a knack in computational methods and joined for a PhD program at IGIB under Dr Brahmachari on 2005 (co-guide Dr Beena Pillai). Before joining as the DG of CSIR, Dr Brahmachari was the director IGIB. Vinod was in the last batch of scientists appointed by Dr Brahmachari on 2007. Vinod Scaria is not a PhD yet, but for some unknown reason he got the job at IGIB. Most Indian university dose not allow a MBBS degree holder to peruse PhD (must get an MD). Relation between Scaria and Brahmachari is similar to that of Goebbels and Hitler. He is just a mouth piece of Brahmachari’s propaganda machine. So, his comment in parallel blogs (
    and dose not count as solid evidence. Role of these blogs are solely to cover the feudal regime at CSIR by creating noisy information in the media.

    A commentary by Shiva in Innovation demands freedom: V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai
    doi:10.1038/nindia.2009.346; Published online 1 December 2009, is clearly in Nature India and not in the Nature Journal. It not a peer reviewed publication and simply a commentary. However, including this article as a publication in CV by Shiva does not count as fraud, it is rather ignorance.

    Vinod is concerned about Shiva’s inclusion of a submitted article in Nature Biotechnology, but I think he should be more concerned about inclusion of an already rejected article in DG-CSIR’s CV page ( as submitted article:

    132. The Indian Genome Variation Consortium (150 authors). S.K. Brahmachari Genetic Landscape of the People of India: a Canvas for Disease Gene Exploration.
    Nature Genetics (2007) (Revised manuscript submitted).

    This article is already rejected by Nature on 2008 and now published in Journal of human genetics published by Indian Academy of Science:
    1: Indian Genome Variation Consortium. Genetic landscape of the people of India: a canvas for disease gene exploration. J Genet. 2008 Apr; 87(1):3-20. PubMed PMID: 18560169.

    So, those who live in glass-houses should not pelt stone at others.

    An inquiry commission by Govt. of India is much warranted in stopping this media publicity war and starting a real investigation.

  • Hi Anonymous, We all know you are Shiva and nobody else. if you are truthful and open and comment on throwing stones from behind walls, why don’t you come up in open and comment on this. What is the fraud you can show against Vinod ? I am a scientist at IGIB and know who Vinod is and what he does. people who have not published anything significant would not probably appreciate what he did and why he was selected. even the comment is full of factual errors (seems he did not even have time to write anything, just cut-paste from nanopolitan).

    We have some points to raise and why are you running away from it ? we need clear answers, and tired of diversion tactics.

  • Shiva come on….like Anon 14 said we are still waiting for the docs to come online here right now….

  • Anonymous 18 aka Shyam Yadav, keep cheering for Brhamchari. That should be the spirit. Ha ha.

  • Well who is Shyam Yadav ? any new scam out here ?

  • Great Job. Any stupid could do that

  • All of you who thought that posting scandalous remarks as anonymous will not reveal your identity. Be careful. All what one need to do is perform the search of forum with relevent keyword, and the list of topics which will appear will show the true identity of the last poster. Check this.

    This is because of a bug in website software.

  • Fantastic man, we are not new to Nature Network. We have been there from the day it was open . Well self proclaimed “Scientists” can only realise that late. Welcome to Nature Network.

  • he he. That’s why born scientist like Klein K continue to post as anonymous 24. ha ha.

  • that was funny

  • Where is the first post regarding Dr. Ayyadurai By V Patel? Is this blog is hijacked by CSIR and Brambhachari cronies? If they have any rational and argument to place they can very well put it the the same thread.
    I do not care if my identity is exposed.
    I am not sure whhy antonymous #23 is posting that misleading comment in every post regarding Ayyadurai, CSIR and Brahmbachari. Does Nature blog moderator agree or disagree with what s/he is saying? If not please black list him from posting such misleading comment sand hijacking the forum.

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