Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogger alleges Shiva's connections

An anonymous blogger on nanopolitan alleges the Shiva Ayyadurai episode was a CIA tactic o discredit Indian Science. Here is the nonymous post reproduced in total.

Interestingly this is the third Blogger who has raised a serious issue on the way Nature and Nature India has been handling this entire episode. Adds support to the questions I have raised in one of my previous posts.

The part palyed by Nature seems to be a piece of the greater gameplan to discredit Indian science. The latest Thomson Report shows that India is catching up with the western world fast. Rate of growth also is impressive and is clear from the graph plotted by them. Therefore the conventional establishment of US administration which were dormant after the colad war years has now a new cause of worry. They have activated their cohort CIA to plant people who could discredit Indian science. nature India is just a small pawn. You may see that it is operated by kids who have no real journalistic experience to their credit. The real shot is called from elswhere.
The Blogger also quips
Look at who has written on Shiva episode after it died down in India. New York Times, Nature and now Nature India publishes Shiva to keep a simple case of a misfit as a controversy. All posts which favors Shiva as pointed out above is coming from US after India sleeps. So Nature is just a part of the plan by the same perpetrators. Shiva fits into the scheme as a plant. Please note that Fulbright gives one year fellowship to someone with no real paper. He comes with a nationalistic hue and tries to raise a rebellion. All this show that Shiva is a plant. But only that CIA also got scooped by this man Shiva Ayyadurai. They wouldnt have thought that this chap is no naive and the bloggers in India would burst their carefully laid out plans. So Anon 59, Nature has no game plan, they are only pawns. In 1990's they brought in TRIPS to rein in developing country science. Indian scientists proved smart in that game.

So there has to be a way to tame them. The more you see foreign journalist's interest in keeping such dead stories alive, you can very well understand the bigger gameplan. As America wakes up a little later, this blog will also be more active!

Jai Hind

Seems to take a completely new angle to the Shiva Ayyadurai episode in CSIR. Join this with his comments by Shiva Ayyadurai in the recent Nature India commentary on OSDD, which is now considered by media as a "killer" idea. Who else can lose sleep over the increasing registrations and acceptance of OSDD world over ?

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