Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nature India Editor should clarify on the Shiva Ayyadurai fiasco

We demand the Nature India Editor should come out and clarify on her role in the entire Shiva Ayyadurai fiasco.

The following are the events
1) Nature India publishes a one-sided version of the Shiva Ayyadurai story as a commentary. The Editor never wanted to publish the other side of the story nor wanted to even enquire what Shiva stated were true. She even tweeted this out at showing her involvement and interest in the entire event.

2) Nature India gags two Scientists' posts on the Nature Network Blog, even when they raised the issues with their names. If their allegations were not substantial, we do not think they would put their names at stake, while leaving the barrage of comments that followed untouched. Then why was the Shiva commentary on Nature India left untouched ? Were there no personal attacks on that article ?

3) Nature India Editor nor the copyrighters for Nature India have any issues with Shiva Ayyadurai who publicly republishes the entire article , with absolute disregard to copyrights. It has absolutely no issues with the commentary being fraudulently featured as from "" . Even after the Blogosphere erupted on the fraudulent behaviour of Shiva and the sudden change in the masthead following scathing remarks on the fraud on Nanopolitan, nature still seems to be mum about all this.

4) Posts against Nature India, Nature India Editor and Nature correspondent in India were unceremoniously removed from the "Freedom for Science" Blog, revealing the nexus between the Bloggers at the so-called "freedom of science" and Nature India Editors.

We demand an investigation into the unholy nexus between Nature India Editor and Shiva Ayyadurai and come out clean on the issue. If the Nature India Editors were professional journalists, it is unpardonable on their part to support "one" version of the story with absolute disregard to the "real" facts behind the episode. We smell a rat !!

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