Sunday, December 6, 2009

Faculty webpage on students' website ?

This seems a bit unusual, but you can see it for yourself here at URL: . If you think this is the faculty website, I wish to be the devil's advocate. Though the website has uncanny resemblance to the faculty webpages, complete with the top banner and links (see the People link which points to the original MIT faculty pages at Even the faculty link on the left hand corner points to the right faculty webpage

You may wonder if this is fine, until you see what the is all about. The website says at is a student-maintained web server whose primary purpose is to provide a customizable homepage designed specifically with students in mind. It is run by the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Well there must be nothing particularly wrong with it, nor I am suggesting anything is amyss, I just said I want to be a devils' advocate.

Here are the reasons why

1) It is unusual for a faculty to put up a website on the students' community section (even when Ayyadurai himself had a student page in the same URL. How did I know ? from the Google cache

I also find that page now moved to How did I find it ? MIT guys are just fantastic, they have a superfast search facility on

2) The homepage has been changed recently , as recent as last week, since it also has the fraudulently claimed "Nature" Commentary.It also has a image of Shiva Ayyadurai in poor pixels, which is very familiar to all of us by now, from the controversial Nature India.

3) What would a schoolkid do if he were to sell his graduate student page as a faculty page ? Simply copy the page from somewhere and change the contents. Simple. So being the devil myself, I tried doing that, and if you do so, it would save all the content images in a folder named "index_files" by default.

4) So what ? Nothing great though, I just tried this one, . Well whats great ? Hmm, nothing much other than I know whose page it was copied from . It is . How did I know ? Simple dude ...  I find a file

02-Dec-2009 14:45

Tells everything.

I rest my case . You decide...
(PS: I have screenshots and copies of everuthing, just for reference)


  1. This is excellent. Very sharp work.
    I think we (you) have now uncovered several frauds committed by Shiva. Can you list them out in a systematic manner in a separate post?

    See also the CSIR-TECH report on Shiva's blog. It is ridiculously amateurish. I suspect he might have come up with it in a couple of days.

  2. This is excellent work unearthing the real Shiva from what he has been claiming till now. Good job guys.

    On a serious note, it is clear that Shiva has done a fraud in its highest degree. One should bring this to the notice of MIT web masters so that they take serious note of how he is using their websites for doing fraud around the world.