Saturday, December 5, 2009

International Center for Integrative Systems

Anybody heard of this Center ? What does it so ?
There is a fantastic website : . Incidentally the News section had CISR insted of CSIR (now that has been corrected, it is fine with me, speaks lots about the person )

An internal investigation at the Shiva Ayyadurai fans Club revelas that the website was hosted from Chennai (not criminal I suppose, well there are lots of sites hosted from Chennai, and of course Chennai is headquarters of Millenium Productions).

Interestingly his Asia Pacific office has the same address No.1 Kuppuswamy Street.Well it could be co-incidental. The phone numbers also are the same
Tel: 91-044-4294 6555 | TeleFax: 91-044-4294 6514 see

That couldn't be co-incidental I suppose

The mission of the center seems to be really crap, it reads
Leading Institute for reseach in integration traditional and modern systems of art, science and technology. Within this broad mission, our current focus is on a project to integrate traditional systems of medicine with modern systems of biology.
I remember a journalist asking him in his press conference (which branded him as a fraud ). (well there are others including Nanopolitan which say so ) whether he learned Siddha over Coffee. I rest my case here.

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  1. Finally,it is not the question of who is great/good or bad, DG CSIR or Shiva Ayyadurai (SA). DG CSIR men started writing and criticising against SA. Let SA may be fraud. The fact remains the same, i.e. CSIR feudal system, unaccountable forspending public money, deviating from very said goals of Jawaharlal Nehru., all of adhoc policies in appointment of Directors, promotion to Scientists, committee members only from IISC and IIT or sycophants CSIR dirty system. The system should be democratised, be transparent, to accept and tolerate criticism and tobe made accountable to our country and the people. CSIR should change. It will not serve the purpose by degrading SA or criticising him. The points raised and stirred by him is a fact. Fact is a fact whetehr it is from SA or anyother person thinkng of great mother india. Now CSIR became employement shelter for IISC and IIT students, others have no stake. IISC and IIT professors have colonised CSIR labs. people CSIR people and Nehru weep